Munda Biddi Trail

The Nannup/Jarrahwood Rail Trail – a walk and cycle path – commences at the Old Railroad Bridge beside the Nannup Amphitheatre.

The trail is part of the Munda Biddi Trail, which is an off road bike track parallel to the Bibbulmun Track. Until the section between Collie and Jarrahwood is complete, we will still be able to enjoy the 40 or so kilometres of beautiful bush via this once railroad, turned bicycle track (best for fat tyre bicycles).

You can also make a loop, heading out on the Rail Trail to Cambray Siding and returning via the Timberline Trail with a stop at Barabup Pool (or vice versa). Make it an overnight by camping at Sleepers Hewers camp site 5 kms north of Barabup Pool. The Timberline Trail even adds the pleasure of historical signs along the way, north of Barabup Pool. Stop and see the old Potato swamp, and see historical bridges once used during the height of the timber industry here in Nannup.

Walkers are also welcome on both trails, please share and be courteous of all users.

We here in Nannup are looking forward to catering to outdoor enthusiasts!

Nannup is a fantastic place for this type of adventure! If you would like more information about the Munda Biddi, or would like to become a member.

Having excellent off road tracks and trails for hiking and biking PLUS superb scenic roads for bicycle touring, Nannup is truly the heart of the Southwest!

Come visit and feel the beat!

We look forward to seeing you here!

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