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Located 282 km south of Perth,  Nannup is absolutely right in the middle of the South West of Western Australia.

Augusta 90 Km, Alexander Bridge 64Km,
Bunbury 100Km, Busselton 60Km.
Manjimup 60Km, Pemberton 75Km,
Bridgetown 45Km, Balingup 41Km, Kirup 58Km, Donnybrook 73Km,
Margaret River 70Km direct (35Km gravel),  110Km on all sealed road

A walk down the main street of Nannup is like a walk back in time. Just three hours drive from Perth, this historic mill town is nestled amongst the hills alongside the Blackwood River. The river is the largest in the South-West, flowing through the jarrah forests and emptying at Augusta.

Beautiful scenic drives through the lush countryside lead to all surrounding towns. These drives are especially impressive during the spring,  when wildflowers in the surrounding jarrah forests are plentiful. Tranquillity in summer, blazes of colour in spring and autumn, a perfect launching pad for winter forays that’s NANNUP, situated in the centre of the South-West for easy access to other town such as Balingup, Bridgetown, Manjimup, Pemberton, Augusta.

Our Shire population is approximately 1,200;  approximately 600 town population (2003 figures)