The New Botanical Design

The New Botanical garden design is a grandeur design and is well structured to provide privacy and a modern style.  A botanical garden is essentially a garden that we have formed to be a New Botanical garden that is modernised. The garden consists of viewing a range of plants along with their traditional names. Many different plants can be grown and cultivated to look attractive. New Botanical gardens are great for events where people want to view the garden with all the different plans.

Andy Murray Landscape Design has separated different functional spaces in a generous deck of Australian hardwood for the purpose of many reasons, such as sunbathing, events, entertainment and many other occasions.


Botanical gardens date back to 16th century where the gardens were popular in harvesting a medicinal garden with plants, however in today’s era things have changed with gardens and there are more designs that have been modernised, such as New Botanical by Andy Murray Landscape Design that resembles antiquated gardens but also a modern look with an appealing array of plants that enhances the overall look.

Andy Murray maintenance service allows for a continuous check into see how things are going with the garden and if the client is happy with how the elements of the garden are. Our aim is to go beyond your expectations and ensure that the best design, suited for your vision is met and that you are happy with your new and enhanced Botanical garden. Such things like timing, watering are important when maintaining the plants and because New Botanical’s main focus is the plant aspect, this service is valuable to the longevity of the plantings and gaining the full benefits.

Andy Murray is a professional landscaping design company that works in partnership with other designs to ensure that the best New Botanical garden is delivered and executed.


Many of our clients want the best garden possible and are passionate about what they require for their garden in terms of plants and other features. Overall the completion is elegant, beautiful and functional with an improved garden that accommodates any season and looks attractive.

New Botanical garden design is a innovate design that can provide an amazing looking garden. Andy Murray has had a lot of experience in planning sophisticated gardens and this is one of many that have been a success. He provides high impact gardens such as New Botanical that also includes a plant area that look elegant and attractive.

Our services include planning, designing and maintaining the New Botanical garden to the maximum quality to ensure that maintenance of the overall structure is well monitored and the plants are looked after.

Andy Murray is committed to providing high quality customer service to all of his clients and understanding the vision of the client to fully construct the New Botanical garden that they desire. Andy Murray is trained and experienced in this field of work and aims to work his hardest to plan the most functional garden.


Nannup Landscapes & Design

 Nannup Landscapes & Design has been established since 1993 and specialised in all aspects of residential landscape design and construction.

Our commitment to the client is to create a modern contemporary landscape design for outdoor living that will provide enjoyment and lifestyle change.

Providing a landscape construction service from design to completion allows us to provide total control of the landscape works and be directly involved with all aspects of the project to guarantee a successful end result.  This close working relationship with our clients and open communication allows us the opportunity to exceed their expectations. We know that listening to and understanding a client’s needs is the first step to a successful landscape.

We have a team of licensed and qualified staff and contractors who can respond to the particular needs of your project. We hold a current Structural Landscapers Licence issued by the Department of Fair Trading, a ten million dollar Public Liability Policy and Workers Compensation Policy, participate in the Home Owners Warranty Insurance scheme and have completed a Work Cover ‘Occupational Health and Safety Course’ to obtain a compulsory ‘White Card’. We hold qualifications in landscaping and horticulture and are members of the Landscape Contractors Association (LCA) and the Housing Industry Association (HIA).

Matt is the Director/ Manager of Nannup Landscapes & Design and is our qualified landscape designer/consultant. He has been involved within the field of landscaping for 16 years and within this time has completed a 4 year Associate Diploma Course in Landscaping and Horticulture. Throughout his career Matt has been involved in a variety of successful landscape projects throughout the residential and commercial sectors.

For clients who choose to complete the works themselves or choose to contract each item independently, we offer a design, consultation and landscape management service.

Nannup Paving & Concreting and Matlock Constructions are two advertised divisions of Nannup Landscapes & Design Pty Ltd.

Goulburn Landscaping Supplies

Nannup Supplies is a new, family-run business that aims to provide a range of landscaping products and decor that best reflects the character of the regional area. Based in Goulburn, the business is a father and son collaboration, with both of us becoming familiar with nature’s stone products through decades of experience in mining, here and abroad.

We tailor our stock to be fitting for both domestic and commercial landscaping projects. With a range that accommodates all tastes, we are very receptive to customer feedback and preferences. So let us know what you’re looking for, and we will do our best to supply you with the perfect product!

Goulburn Landscaping Supplies boasts the following in our range of supplies

Water & Garden Features
Dimension Stones
Pots & Urns
Statues & Ornaments
Preloved Garden Art
Vintage Machinery
Vintage Tools
Brass Copper Collectibles
Turn the outdoor area of your home or commercial property into a historical retreat with a vintage park bench, a collectible statue, an antique water feature, and much more.

Our wide range of landscaping supplies is unrivalled in the region. Whatever your outdoor decor needs may be, we are determined to he lp your vision come to life.

Goulburn Landscaping Supplies is renowned throughout Goulburn and regional NSW for our fantastic range of landscaping supplies.

We have a long list of happy customers that return to us whenever they need to add another piece to their home garden or commercial property.